Hey all,

I just wanted to let you know about my blog, “Learning to Walk”. This is going to be my personal blog. I hope that through this you will see the Lord working in me and that I am learning to walk in Him. I will talk about my family and what God is doing in many areas of my life. I pray that that God will use this in a little different way than the Life with Jesus series. Really, it’s all about life with Jesus and how we are allowing Him to work in us and through us.

Over the last several days Marcia and I have been dealing with our middle son. He has been sick and we have totally gone into quarantine mode. We have been passing out masks and meds to him, vitamin C and masks to everyone else. I think we should take stock in hand sanitizer and distilled water for the humidifier. His little brother moved into his older brother’s room to make sure that he stays well. We are going through all these things praying that it is not passed along to the rest of the family. Oh, did I mention that my sister came to visit mom and dad (and us) who live downstairs and we are trying to keep them well too. So, it has been a crazy couple of days. I have not even mentioned the appointments and meeting that go along with my crazy life. It seems that things start competing for whom and what needs the majority of our attention. This is when stress builds up! This is the time I need to remember the priorities of life that God has given me.

  1. God
  2. My wife
  3. My Family
  4. My Work
  5. My Church (this is really not the same as work)
  6. Me (I am sure that there are more but you get the point)

With all this going on I have started to wonder about something. I wonder how God does it. Ok, I know, He’s God, but still! This is when I just have to say, thank you Lord! It is in these times that I just have to stop and give thanks because He really takes such good care of me and my family. I know many people have this thing about when bad things happen that God is not there or He doesn’t care. But I see it so different. He continues to allow what is best for me even though I am not thankful or at times I am even angry at Him. He has taught me to realize that even though negative things are happening He is still in control. If He is in control then I have peace, which means that I have peace because He will always be in control. The key that I must remember is to look for the things He is teaching me or how He is going to use me through the circumstances that I face.

My prayer is that God will make me more like Him! That I will be what He wants me to be in all the roles that I have. I know that I can’t do it on my own – I NEED HIM!

Learning to Walk,

Oh, Jake is doing much better! Thank you again, Lord!!!