Well, it was a long week! I was sick and stuck not being able to do much due to not breathing well. I would get up for a few minutes, doing something very simple,  and I would have to sit down and rest for thirty minutes because I would so worn out. Ok, I will say it – I felt old! I found myself asking God what I was going to learn through all this. So, I waited and waited and felt nothing. I finally said,
“Fine I will just rest”, crossing my arms and feeling sorry for myself.

It was not until yesterday that I looked back and saw the lesson. It’s not a new lesson but a very important lesson. Here it is, if you don’t rest…God will make you.  I had been going and going and had not had the time to just be with God. The scripture tells us that one of God’s name is “qanna” (kan-naw’) – Jealous. He wants you to have time to just “be” with Him. He will do whatever it takes to get that time with you. Is that not an awesome love! This is not the same kind of jealously that we have here on earth over things. If you read the commandment we realize we are not to covet. But, that covet is the kind for stuff and based on a selfish mindset – I want what you have and I will hurt you to get it! The jealously that God has for us is not based on selfishness but of a desire to just be with us in relationship. He is willing to even give you over to our “evil” desires so that we will understand what life is like without Him. This breaks His heart but He knows that in the end it will be worth it when we are restored back to Him.

I know that life is so busy and crazy and hard to “find” time for things in our calendars. That is our mistake we try to “find” time in a world and a society that will not allow for time with God.  We need to stop looking where we can fit Him into our schedule and “make” time in our schedule to fit what He wants of us. I realized that He was not asking for much just a few quite moments of listening, a second look at His creations. Maybe, a deep breath of praise to Him for all that is going on. You see I will stop and take a few seconds to give my son a hug and I will stop and help Marcia with something, I will serve them and I know that God is pleased with this. But do I treat Him like that? He asked me, “Are you jealous for Me, like I am for you?” There is the challenge, are we willing to sacrifice sleep, T.V., computer time and even some ministry time for Him. You see all He wanted of me was to rest and be with Him so, that I can be the best for Him when He needs me. May we learn to be “qanna” for Him like He is for us.

In His Grip & Learning to Walk,
Pastor Jason