Let’s Think About What People See In Us


So it has been awhile! I heard this song awhile back and I though it was good. Then I really listen to it today and it caused me to want to share it with you. Over the last several months I have been saddened by the way the “church” is acting. It breaks my heart to see followers of Jesus say and do things that goes against the heart of my Jesus. When has it become OK to be judgmental and down right rude? When did it become OK to say that some sins are greater than others? When did it become OK for us to pick and choose what we want to follow out of the teachings of Jesus? It is time for the “REAL” church to stand up and reflect Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit! It is time for us to call apostasy what it is – SIN! It is time His people stop being fruit inspectors and start acting like Christ and actually producing fruit! Listen to this and I pray that you will be challenged in how we are reacting to a lost and hurting world. Are we helping the cause of Christ or are we destroying it!

In His Grip,
Pastor Jason