Waiting on the Pope


I have been watching today the excitement of the the people around the world for the new Pope. I am interested to see the emotions and the party like atmosphere that is taking place. I have watch this many time in my life and it has always brought a question to my mind. So, I thought that today I would ask it today.

The question is why do we not get that excited to gather with the body of Christ? You see as we believe Jesus is coming to restore all things to himself and He will rule and reign with only the perfection that He can bring. So, when His people gather together should that not be a party? I mean there is only two things that we see the relationship of the trinity and that is in marriage and in the “church”. So need to get excited to be together. I see the excitement for a man in Rome. But what Jesus has done about relationships being restored and people coming together despite their failures and faults, their past or background. To me this should be an exciting time. When we think about marriage should we not be as excited to see your spouse? These are just thoughts that I have. Enjoy the video and as these questions to yourself and see if you are excited?

I just think we need to understand who we are and what we can do with Jesus Christ in charge of our lives being empowered by the Holy Spirit.


In His Grip,
Pastor Jason