Greetings all,

I am sitting here today looking at something so beautiful but causes me so much agony. No, I am not looking at my children. I am looking at a tree that is just starting to bloom. Well, they have been blooming for at lest a few days and we call them Bradford Pear Trees. They are so awesome to look at but they cause my allergies to go crazy! My head gets stuffed up, my eyes water, I can’t sleep and I sneeze a lot! Not to mention all the weather changes that are going on right now causing my head to hurt with sinus pressure. So, I am sitting hear looking but pretty much complaining about this season.


SO this brings me to a lesson that God is teaching me today. I am looking at something beautiful and I was refusing to see Jesus in it. In order for these tress to become green and before they can do what God created them to do they have to bloom. These blossoms are needed so the leaves can come out, so that the tress can get what it needs from the sun during photosynthesis. I began to see a lesson here. Sometimes to see the beauty in something we have to go through some agony. We have to experience some inconvenience so we can see the beauty in our growth. After this growth then we can do all that God has created us to be and to do what He wants us to do. Sometimes the only way we can get what we need from the Son we have to go through sometime of growth with can lead to agony, inconvenience and down right hell. But it is in these times that we learn to really trust Jesus. If we never had a hard time then we would never need Jesus, we would never call on Him. We can get our focus messed up so easily at times. We get ourselves in the way and we can’t seem to see the things that is most important and that is our relationship with Jesus and others. I can get so focused on my own agony that I can not see the true beauty of it all -Jesus is at work drawing people to Himself.  Here is a video about our focus I pray you see the lesson in it

You see Spring is a time of new life and we all have been given this chance! We need to see that God has always been there and He was waiting for us to see the Him in the hard stuff of life!

I am Redeemed and Free,
Pastor Jason