Just wanted to share!

Greeting everyone,

This might be a shocker to all of you guys but music is very important to me. Not just in my walk with Jesus but also just in life in general. People have said that my life really should be a musical. Well, because of this I get a lot out of music and much of my growth to be more like Jesus has been done through all kinds of music. Yes, even the music that the church says is “secular” (that word is something I do not like and think the church uses it without the understanding of where is comes from – but that is another post). Anyway, My good friend Alan shared this with me and then he used it in his blog. I was going to use it in my blog but he beat me too it – lol. I have decided to share it and I hope that it moves you like it did me. I pray that you can say these word when you are facing issues of life that just seem hard or without meaning. Know that God is in control and that all things can and will be used in God’s greater story that your have an important role in.

In His Grip,
Pastor Jason