Get Excited!

Greetings all,

So this is a new post and I know it has been a while. God has been doing some awesome things in my life and I have been learning so much! I want to be able to continue this blog series, “Learning to Walk”. It’s pretty amazing to understand that I will never get to the end of this, because the closer I grow to Jesus the more and more I learn. As I blog it is my goal to be honest about what God is teaching me. Somethings will be detailed others will not because they are personal or it is just not the right time to share. I hope you get excited about this road of learning to walk with Jesus as I am.

Okay, we are getting really close to the Super Bowl and the excitement of the game. My team is not in it but I still love to good football and I plan on watching. But as I have been thinking about it a question came to me that really made me think. Why can I get excited about this game so easy but I struggle in getting excited about certain aspects of this life that I live? I know that there are very hard things that go one in life and maybe we don’t have a positive out look on our future because of things outside of our control. I know many of us are going through hard times in many areas of our lives. I know many of us are at points that excitement just seems not to be able to break through. As I was thinking about this I just felt like God was asking me to list the things in my life that should bring me excitement no matter what is going on. So, here we go.
My Relationship with Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit – There is nothing that I can do to make Him love me any less or any more!
My Family!
My Church!
The Scripture – the power that most of us do not understand that is found in the Word of God!
The Movement of Grace in the Body of Christ!
The mission and call that He has given me!
The fact the God is in control (present)!
The fact the my past has been taken care of and my future is secure in Jesus Christ!
The Holy Spirit’s empowerment in my life!
The fact I can talk to God anytime and I know He hears me!
The promise that God will take care of my needs!
I am His son and He is my father! He is in me and I am in Him!

This list could keep going but for the sake of a shorter post I will stop. But you know what begins to happen when I think about this stuff? Excitement begins to build to a point to where I can’t help but share it with people. I wonder if all we need to do is sit down and begin to list out the things that should get us excited. The other thing that begins to happen is gratitude fills my heart as I see what God has given me and I begin to praise Him for all His goodness! I also begin to see areas in my life that I need God to help me get excited about again. I wounder if we would all take the time to look at ourselves and see where we have need of His help, if it would change us and give us courage to stand firm in His power and His love. Will we start to see His power in us?

In His Grip,
Pastor Jason