There is always room for growth.

Greetings all,

So this week as a begin to write this blog post a question just invaded my head. Do we really want to grow closer to God or is that something that we have just been taught to say? Think about it, in life when we want something we really do something to get it, right?  I mean if we want a new thing we will save or for it by doing without something for a while or the “American” way and just grab our credit card. We really make it happen. But if you asked the question to “Christians” if they want to grow in Christ they say, “Yes!!!” but do they really do anything to see it happen? I know that we can’t force this kind of spiritual growth but I wounder if we stunt it by our lack of action in the process. OK, lets look at it from another angle. If I told you that there was a book out there that would 100% guarantee that you would be a _______ (you fill in whatever you want), all you have to do is buy the book. Oh and I know this because I bought the book and it happened to me. We would probably go out and buy the book and read it and we would probably apply it and would expect it to happen, right?

You see I think that is a problem with many of us. We say we want to grow in Him but we are not willing to do what it take to experience the growth that we desire. I know I have spent time in my life in this place, I am speaking from experience. But it has hit me that we need to maybe just take the first step towards growth. I think maybe if we are really serious about spiritual growth we would try to find a way to start working our way towards Him. I think maybe all the Holy Spirit is waiting for is us to just take the first step of faith. If we could just take the first step we see growth in our lives that we have always dreamed about. What is that first step look like? I think it is different for everyone maybe it’s simply reading your Bible, or serving some other than yourself? Maybe it’s giving something to the guy holding the sing on the corner or maybe it just stopping all the busyness for a while and concentrate on Him? Maybe it just shutting off the noise of life and giving God all the glory for what you have and recognize that it is all about Him? Or maybe it’s realizing that life has not ended up the way you though it should but that you are OK with it and that you want to be content? I don’t know what it is for you but maybe we just need to start and do something. Many times I have talked to people who are not happy with what is going on and they find themselves just sitting and complaning instead of looking for ways to be His hands and feet in life. Once, they started to serve others they started to see growth in their lives. I guess I should say that I have leaned this the hard way in my life. I have not always been content and may times I complained about where I was and how God was not showing up in my life. The truth of all this is, it was me and I needed to change. I am not all the way there but I am growing and God is teaching me and I pray that he continues to do so. I have many sayings in my life. One is, “it is what it is” another is, “God is good all the time” and “There is always room for growth”.

I pray that that you will find that room and that you will let Him take control and that you will take the first step in that direction. God is just waiting to see you set free from the lies, the chains and the discontentment that the enemy has weighed you down with. Maybe it’s time to step out from under that and towards the grace of Jesus Christ!

In His Grip,
Pastor Jason