Love….and a heart full of Chocolate?

Greetings all,

So Friday is the day of the year that we have chosen to show love to our significant others. There are many traditions that take place on this day, like, heart shaped boxes of chocolate, hard candies that give us little messages and tiny cards that have cartoon characters on them. We buy flowers for higher prices that we normally would spend and we usually go out to a nicer dinner place than normal. All of these things are all well and good, and this blog is not about not doing these things. I just want us to think about it in a different way. We as humans have a tendency to say, “well we have a hoilday for these occasion so I don’t have to do these same things another time of year”. This line of thinking I believe has caused many problems in relationships in our society.  Maybe this way of thinking is what makes many people just think about Jesus on Christmas and Easter. Maybe thins line of thinking is a cause of expectations that may never be meet and therefore we have broken and hard hearts. I guess maybe we need to start showing love more than just once a year. I know most of us do but do we really think about how we speak the love language of our loved ones can have a huge impact.  Let me ask you some questions and see if you know your loved ones like you think you do.

1. What love language dose your loved one use (or a combination)?

A. Physical TouchB. Quality Time
C. Gifts
D. Acts of Service

2. What is your love language (or a combination)?

A. Physical Touch
B. Quality Time
C. Gifts
D. Acts of Service

3. Do you look for ways to speak their love language?

4. Do you use your own love language to try to get love back the way you want it?

5. What are some ways that you can speak your loved ones love language?

You see, Jesus, He knew what we needed. He knew that we needed his forgiveness and so he was obedient to His Father – for us! He put His will (wants) aside so that we would have what we need. I think we all can learn a lesson about giving up our desires and expectations and look how to show love to those in our lives. I wonder if we would see changes in our lives if we looked and tried to learn how to speak the loves languages of those we love. This is something that I have been learning for a long time. I do good sometimes and then other times it’s an epic fail. I guess it just the fact that we keep trying and keep learning and then at the end of the day all will be right. That right there is a promise found in His Word! I praise God for sending His son and not a box of chocolate.

In His Grip,
Pastor Jason