Well, I have been reindexally quiet here in Facebook land for the last several weeks. I have spent the time just reading and watching how people are responding to all the stuff that is going on in the world right now. To be honest I have been disappointed in the way many Christians have responded to these issues. It seems like hard issues that we see going on in the world are an opportunity for people to spread hate, bigotry and selfishness and sadly some use the name of Jesus to do it. But at the same time I have seen many grace filled, mercy filled and sympathy filled post to the people in the middle of these issues. To those I want to say thank you!

I wonder why all we see is the issues and not the people that are in the midst of the issues. People are being killed, hurt and run over.

People are deciding that death is the best way out, people are letting authority go to their heads, people are letting fear, hatred and unforgiveness cause them to do things they would not normally do, people are sacrificing themselves for greater causes, people and running from their homes because they are different or believe something else, children are being beheaded (I don’t care why – Children!) Children are being abandoned by parents and we use this for a political platform. The common theme here is people! Hurting people on both sides of the situations, people needing redemption not our armchair political views, bigoted religious views or our own issues with unforgiveness.

I am full of gratitude that Jesus did not treat us like we treat each other. He was hard on the religious because of the way they treated people and God himself. Seems like not much has changed. Jesus forgive us! #dosomething #peopleneedredemption #jesusfollowers

In His Grip,
Pastor Jason