Contact Us

The Lighthouse’s Main Phone Number: 573-386-2472

The Lighthouse’s Keepers are a group of servant leaders and include the pastor of our church and his wife. The group serves as the board of directors for the church and are available to answer any questions you might have about The Lighthouse. These men and women are available if you need help or prayer.

These Lighthouse Keepers are:

Paul and Janice Bastian — 581-5198
Bryan and Pam Crawford — 387-4485
Ted and Joyce Roberts — 386-2378
Dean and Sue Smart — 642-6192
Butch and Cindy Davis — 684-2467
** Pastor Jason Jordon and Marcia Jordon — 220-8867

** Please understand that Mondays are Pastor Jason’s appointed days off. If you need prayer or immediate assistance, please contact one of the other Lighthouse keepers and they will be glad to help.