Lighthouse 180

Our Junior High-High School Youth Group for teens ages 13-18 is called Lighthouse 180, because that’s what following Jesus is all about – doing a complete 180-degree turn.

What does it mean to do a 180? Well, you simply stop, totally turn around and begin moving in a totally opposite direction. When you walk with Jesus, you are doing just that — you’re walking the opposite way from the path everyone else in the world is walking.

Jesus was a rebel. He didn’t walk the way everyone else walked, He didn’t act like everyone else and He didn’t say the things everyone else said. But with these actions and with these words Jesus taught us all how to have a relationship with God and how to love each other. Each week, we’ll try answer tough questions and help teens through the struggles they face, using the Word of God and other Christian examples in today’s world.

Lighthouse 180 starts at 6:30 every Wednesday night at at The Lightstation. So, if you want pull a 180 with us, you can show up at our weekly youth group meeting. Everyone is welcome and there’s always plenty of food, games and fun each week.

If you have any questions about Lighthouse 180, please contact Brandon Crawford at 573-220-5347 or visit our Facebook group page.